Frequently Asked Questions

What is NextChore?

NextChore is the site that lets you live without a checklist. You have so many things to get done, but you're too busy to do everything yourself. So we help you find people who can come to the rescue. NextChore combines the convenience of a bidding platform with the safety of reviewed neighbors. Just post your chores, and consider them done. You can read all about how it works here.

How much does it cost?

For customers (people who post chores):

NextChore charges you nothing. When you hire someone, you'll just pay them whatever amount you agreed on.

For providers (people who do chores):

You can get started for free, but we highly recommend upgrading your account to get more business.

How does the bidding work?

When posting a chore, you select a pricing type. Choose "Make me an offer" (the default) if you want to let people suggest a price. Choose "Fixed price" if you want to specify the exact amount that you're willing to pay. You'll be notified when people bid on your chore. When you find an offer you like, you can award the chore to that person.

Can I talk to a bidder before awarding a chore to them?

Sure. If you want to talk to a bidder (to ask questions, work out details, or arrange for them to see the job), just send them a message. You can communicate through NextChore's messaging system, or you can ask them to call, text, or email you. Once you've decided to hire them, then you can award them the chore.

Can I hire someone without actually awarding the chore to them?

Technically, yes. But we'd really appreciate it if you do award them the chore. That will help build up their track record, letting other users know about their experience.

How do the payments work?

To keep things as simple and flexible as possible, NextChore does not handle the payments. Instead, the customer (person who posts the chore) and provider (person who does the chore) work out their own payment arrangements. The price is agreed on through our bidding system, but the method and timing of payment is up to you.

Who handles dispute resolutions?

While reviewed neighbors are much more trustworthy than random internet strangers, disputes will occasionally arise. NextChore does not take sides in any dispute, but we encourage you to write a review after every chore. We want the people who do the best work to get the most business.

What if someone writes a bad review of me when I've done nothing wrong?

Don't worry - everyone is going to get a bad review now and then. But you always get a chance to respond to your reviews. If you were reviewed unfairly, you can explain what really happened. Your potential customers will appreciate seeing how you handle these situations.

How do I get to the top of the search results?

Complete your profile. When searching for people, the results are first sorted by a quality score. To maximize your quality score, upload a profile photo, choose a permanent user name, enter some skills, tell us your community, city, and state, and look up your ZIP+4.

Why aren't there any chores or people in my area?

It will take some time for the word to spread, but NextChore can work anywhere in the United States. Why don't you ask a few friends to sign up and get the ball rolling? You can also post or bid on virtual chores, since the physical location doesn't matter.